Adventure Club Pune offers multisport packages that combine the best adventure activities into one amazing adventure vacation. Why settle for just one activity when you can do multiple activities on one epic adventure. If your idea of the perfect holiday is one that challenges your mind and body each day, and is jam-packed with adventures, activities and exhilaration, then perhaps a multi-activity adventure is in order! How do we do it? We provides all the equipment, expert guides, routes, trails and motivation to get you out there! All you need to do is show up! Imagine a bike ride through the worlds most thrilling roads, hiking highest Pass, and trekking on Glacier all on the same trip! We have the tools to build your next multisport adventure! If you can’t choose whether you want to trek, cycle, paddle, raft or kayak through a country, why not do some or all of them? Our multi-activity adventures include two or more activities that allow you to truly get off the tourist track using a variety of means, whether it’s by boot, bike or boat! After all, there's no better place to discover the great outdoors than getting up close and personal with the elements! If you like the flexibility of travelling in the most active way possible, a multi-activity adventure is one the most fulfilling ways to travel. You could see yourself paddling along coastlines, cycling through quiet back country or trekking in the hills, with rewards of spectacular scenery, remote interactions with untouched villages, unique experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

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